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We are USA based Team and west coast based. Drift trikes are our passion and something we do every single day. We have hand picked our riders to represent Flatout Drift Trikes because they are dedicated, positive, and push the limits of riding drift trikes. This sport is all about having fun and feeding your adrenaline addiction while keeping a smile on your face. We put physicalities, style, and design into our product and make it right here in the USA. 

Andy Barrow| Owner of Flatout Drift Trikes



Welcoming Team Flatout 2015




Alex Nelson | Portland, OR

What got me into drift trikes was the barefoot drift trike video that i'm sure everyone saw. Since I was a child I always liked that rush of controlling the uncontrolled, the back wheels breaking traction and having to earn the skills to make it work. From tricycles as a kid, to skidding on my bmx bike, to racing motocross, to drifting cars, now drift trikes. Drift trikes are an amazing trainer for your balance of keeping something sideways. I absolutely love this sport and have a driven passion to push and grow this sport. My dream is to see this as big as the skateboard scene. There is no reason it wouldnt get there as drift trikes are way too much fun!

My first build was actually the first ModernLine. I started that company in 2012 because there was nowhere for anyone to buy a drift trike and I wanted to supply the world. 

What pushed me was the love and passion I have for this sport. Always pushing the limits and trying new tricks, getting people aware and hyping the sport through social media, and most importantly making friends in the community. We're all just a big family.

I am currently riding Pro for HUFFY and on Flatout for the unbeatable components. I wouldnt ride a trike without the legendary V-Axle. Its adjustable, detachable, and looks awesome. I feel comfortable doing all my tricks and even entering corners at 90 degrees at 45mph. Very solid setup. The JR Drift Trikes Game Changer is a standard front end on my builds. Nothing beats a geared hub that is centered with your fork. Ultimate control!

Facebook Page: ANelly Drift 

instagram: @anelly503 


Lindsey Kynett | Helena, MT


I got into Drift Trikes in June of 2014. I watched a video on YouTube and knew instantly I had to try it. I set a goal to build one of my own and ride it in two weeks time. I did and fell in love. I grew up involved in many disciplines of action sports. Skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX. Through that I met many friends but didn't know any that had a Drift Trike. I had a few friends interested and we started Queen City Drift Club (QC/DC) and started riding regularly. As I quickly progressed I knew my home-build wasn't going to cut it. I ended up buying a used ModernLine from ModernLine Drift Trikes and headed to Sinful Spokane Sessions in Washington. I met and rode with some people and I knew I was hooked.

 I then bought a Flatout Boss frame and V-axle. I upgraded it with deity components and JR Drift Trikes Game Changer front end. It's by far the most stable, comfortable and best handling trike I've had the privilege to ride.

 Equipment and history aside, this sport is my greatest passion outside of being a father. I live and breathe it. All I want to do is get more people involved. To grow it and share the fun spirited-ness this sport had to offer. It's both fun and challenging at the same time. That feeling of progressing and seeing my trike brothers do the same is unlike anything else.

 I'm Lindsey Kynett and I'm a trike addict. Join me.

 Facebook Page: Lindsey "the boy" Kynett

Instagram: @lindseytheboy





Stephen Galambos | Kihei, Hawaii  

I started sliding in May of 2014. The Drift Trike Mafia video on YouTube, that darn trike with the muffler pipe, you all know what I'm talking about!!  The second I saw that I had the drift bug. Big thanks to Ernies Fab shop for helping me with my very first trike, it was the BMX chop special. She had homemade 6” wood wheels and a copper pipe insulation seat..  Lol no joke!!

 Upon trike part investigations on the interwebs, I was always led to Flatout Drift Trikes. This company was everywhere!!

 This day changed my life, I ordered my first kart kit with PVC sleeves and a padded tractor seat. Seeing their Flatout Boss frame and V-axle combo made me tingle and drool so hard!

Eventually I picked me up that Boss frame kit, the JR Game Changer followed soon after!

Life has never been the same..!

Staying humble on this little island on the ocean. Pushing others around the world, sharing advice on mechanical problems, or trick ideas is something that I love about this sport. I have a instant connection with this "trikefam"!

Little did I know I would be a rider for Flatout!! Helping lead others to the greatest trike and trike parts in the world. I am so pumped on this opportunity.

 Facebook Page: Stephen Galambos

 instagram: @808stef



JD Boogie | Sacramento, CA

First and foremost I am honored and privileged to be part of the Flatout Team.

In early 2014 I saw a video on YouTube that changed my life forever! I had to see what this drift triking was all about. After searching the internet I found what I was looking for. A short time later I won a social media giveaway from Flatout I became the proud owner of an H-Slider frame. I relentlessly put in time behind the bars of my trike and after spending most of 2014 shredding my H-Slider. I felt it was time for a upgrade. For me there was no other choice, but the legendary Flatout Boss Frame, I paired it up with a Flatout V-axle and went to work on the local hills. My dedication, attitude and efforts haven't gone unnoticed and that’s what landed me on the Team!

 My current weapon of choice to battle gravity is a Flatout Boss w/ V-axle combo headed up with a Starcandy Inc V-3 set up. You will recognize My trike "West Coast Pop Lock" with it's flaked purple axle and bare metal finish!

 If the Flatout team were a boy band I would be the bad boy or possibly the cute one, maybe even a combination of both. I have mad love and respect for anybody who follows their passions in life. I want to see this sport grow to the levels of pro BMX’ing, mountain biking, skateboarding, etc. Social Media was a big part and influence on me when it came to drift triking, it is where I’ve came to know some of who I believe to be the best people on this planet. (Also some of the craziest).

 I remain dedicated and loyal to my team and this sport, and will continue to push it into the future!

 Thanks to My Loving supportive Girlfriend Melissa, Andy Barrow, Robbie and the rest of the Trike fam!

Facebook Page: JD Boogie

instagram: @killallPVC


Travis Galindo | Yelm, Washington 

Like many others the Internet/social media is initially responsible for getting me into drift trikes. The want to learn how to weld also played a big part in pushing me towards drift trikes. When I think about it the only time I weld anything is when it is Trike related. It’s safe to say that I genuinely love everything about drift trikes.  The feeling it gives me, the peacefulness of riding, the community, the great connections to like-minded people, the places of Washington and Oregon that I have explored, places that I will travel to in the future. Perhaps my favorite thing about drift trikes other then the obvious drifting/riding of them is the endless amount of personal customization your can put into your ride style.

 I ride a hand painted giraffe patterned Flatout Boss frame with v-axle. Rolling on VanK kart wheels with stretched tires. Up front I run a Game changer wrapped with a 2.4 Odyssey Chase Hawk black wall tire, hydraulic brakes, topped off with Loaded USA components and a padded pan seat for comfort. Solid! I love every bit of it and it just gets better as I pick up more and more knowledge of trike riding and tuning. I look forward to riding with the Flatout team and connecting with other rider’s everywhere. Follow me though my journey of riding drift trikes through Facebook.

Facebook Page: Travis Galindo


instagram: @SMARTYMCSLY

Last but not least..  Keep IT fun... Keep IT safe . Keep it at 90....