HUFFY Pro Slider | Kart Wheel (15mm) SET of 2

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This is your less expensive kart wheel setup made by Huffy.

This is a great wheel and tire setup with a 15mm bearing!

Will work with high speed 5/8s bearing kit will fit in wheel so you can use on a 5/8s axle stub!! High Speed Bearing Kit | Standard 5/8" Axle Wheels



-x2 Aluminum rear wheel with 10" x 4.50 - 5" pneumatic tire; 4 Bar maximum PSI;
-Durable construction design for extended use
-Wheel used as base to mount PVC sleeve for optimum sliding benefits
-15mm bearings

- x2 wheel and tire

*Only works with Huffy Pro PVC sleeves

  • Outside diameter of tire is roughly 9.75"
  • Will NOT work with 10" PVC (green)