Throwing it BACK! 2012 ModernLine Drift Trikes

28th Jul 2015

Hello world, 

Did you know as recent as 2012 you couldn't just type in "Buy drift trike" into google and have websites available to purchase a drift trike from in the USA? For us this was a major problem as this amazing sport needed to be readily available to the world. This is when ModernLine was born. 

In this video you are seeing Alex Nelson making one of his first videos for ModernLine Drift Trikes. This one little video sparked serious interest in the USA and was the birth of production for drift trikes in the states. ModernLine set the bar high with USA built product that was heavy duty material and made from the hands of people who loved this sport. 

This sport has evolved so much in the past 3 years. We are so proud to be supplying the world with our product and carrying big name brands like Huffy, Triad, Trike Daddy Customs, and many more. This sport is just getting started and we don't see it slowing down any time soon. From strictly gravity and peg riding to gas powered and geared pedal front ends. So many new and advanced options coming very soon!

We would like to thank you for tuning into our blog and Alex would like to offer you a discount code for being on board! This code is good for 5% off your entire purchase at Flatout Drift Trike.

5% off CODE: ANELLY503