New Gear for 2017 | Protect Yourself

Posted by AN on 30th Dec 2016

Hello world, 

We are ending 2016 with a bang and adding a ton of new product to our store. For years Flatout Drift Trikes has provided the world with hand made and quality drift trike frames and components. For 2017 we are also bringing safety equipment to our site. We have hand picked the gear that we use and see the most around the world including but not limited to knee pads, full face helmets, body pads ,and shin guards. If you ride drift trikes at high speeds then you know why having this equipment is important. 

Team rider | Ally Hassler  Showing us hows its done with knee slides at high speeds. 

Here is a video of riders that wear even more heavy duty gear to protect themselves from any form of destruction. VIDEO

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