JR Drift Trikes New Release Fall 2015

JR Drift Trikes New Release Fall 2015

20th Oct 2015

Hello World,

We just received our new shipment of JR Drift Trikes products! The new Wide Boy front-ends are about as dialed as you can get. 

Coming equipped with a machined 1:1 aluminum race hub made from the finest materials, disc brake mount, high grade aluminum crank arms, and of course chromoly forks. 

Pedals are always necessary. The 1:1 pedal hub allows you to get moving from a dead stop up to 10 or some MPH. With the fork being a dead center offset, you will have maximum control with keeping your drift locked in 90 degrees. 

Lets take a better look at the quality of the P-Hub. There is a disc mount equipped, pressed bearings, outer bearings, 36 hole, and tapered axles for your cranks. Great looking product, but even greater functioning.

JR Drift Trikes has designed a platform pedal that is light weight and ready to thread into your crank arms. Very clean and basic style to get the job done for an inexpensive price tag.