Hollywood Hills Video | Drift Trike Equipped

Hollywood Hills Video | Drift Trike Equipped

15th Jul 2015

Have you ever been to Hollywood and driven through the steep hills through the neighborhoods? We traveled from all over the USA to bring everyone together to make this video. ICON Motosport was involved and supplied us with gear (helmets, gloves, jackets, and more). This video was shot in 4 days. With the help of NubTV, ICON, and Flatout we made an awesome video out of it. There is truly nothing like the sunsets in LA. 

We had guests apart of the video who were- Rick Thorne (Pro BMX rider), Hob, and Ranger Danger. Big shout outs to NubTV for helping us with the video editing and recording for the video. It wouldn't have hit almost 500k views without them and their videography skills.

Icon featured our video on their Facebook and it took off! Over 12k shares and 500k views. We were very pleased with the amount of people it reach. We could not have had the impact with out their help. Not only did this boost awareness for the drift trike sport but got people interested in safety gear that is stylish while featuring the crazy stunt devils themselves NubTV.

Thank you all for being apart of the making of this video. Raising awareness of the sport 1 view at a time.