Drift Triker Nearly Killed | Hit By a Truck MUST SEE!

20th Jul 2015

Hello world, 

If you haven't heard about this yet, let me inform you that a moving truck and a trike do not mix. On Wednesday July 15, 2015 Jacob Vanvoorhis was riding in the hills of Portland, OR near highway 30. They posted up on a corner that you could see traffic both ways to insure the vision of traffic. The gas trike was unloaded and fired up. This was Jacobs first time riding the trike with a motor on it so they played it safe and practiced on a single corner for a good hour or so. The entire time they were there they had seen about 5 cars total and it was far enough out of the city that there were a ton of cars. On top of that it was a Wednesday morning. 

After messing around, filming and laughing for a solid hour the gas trike was ready to be taken down the 5 mile run. This trike was on HDPE sleeves so it was a bit more grippy and controlled opposed to PVC. The first run was taken by Alex (pro rider Huffy) with no issues and no traffic on the way down. He stayed in his lane the entire time and took it slow just incase of traffic. After the run was finished Jacob was ready to give it a go. About 3 minutes into the run and around one of the first S turns his biggest nightmare appeared... A truck barreling up the hill. It was a split second and Jacob was frightened and lost control. This made him loop backwards and opened his backside up for impact to the truck. Jacob was hit around 20mph and sent flying face down into the gravel off the road. 

Jacob was in serious trouble. He couldn't feel his feet and felt like he was having internal bleeding. Alex called 911 and emergency was its way. Within 10 minutes the ambulance was there to rescue and he was taken to OHSU hospital to get help. Jacob was suffering from a broken neck and minor bruises and cuts. 24 hours after being admitted he was free to go and walked out of the hospital without having to get surgery. 

We are glad he's okay! Please be safe when riding and ALWAYS wear safety gear and stay in your lane. You never know when a vehicle will be coming up the hill.