Drift Trike Fails Compilation

Drift Trike Fails Compilation

27th Aug 2015

Hello World, 

Drift triking can be a dangerous sport, after all it is a tricycle with little traction in the rear end. It is very important to wear a helmet when your face is having a date with the pavement, guard rails, or even a car bumper. Here is a little video on what NOT to do when drift triking. 

Towing Behind Vehicle

It seems that this is where the issue is strong. Tying a rope behind a vehicle while driving up the windy road you just came down and having to manage the corners yet again, but one handed and the power of a vehicle. Scary =)

Drifting Into Oncoming Traffic

This is never a good idea. If you have a ton of room to work with why are you drifting into the oncoming traffic in basketball shorts? Dont become roadkill and stay away from cars in general. 


Tricycles and ramps do really well at Nitro Circus. When you build a small ramp and are trying to get lift off, chances are you're going to endo and be eating pavement while your drift trike lands directly on top of your scorpion'd body. This is not a good feeling in or outside your shower. 

Mario Karting

There comes a point in time where you may just be spinning too fast. As you are Mario Karting your head gets lower to the ground and those rear wheels start to take flight. You can see where this isn't going to be a pretty picture. WHAMMY you're now a victim of Mario Kart failure. 

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