Gas Drift Trike

Hello world, If you have ridden a gas drift trike you already know how much fun these things are. If you're like me and sometimes like to go out and ride by yourself (no shuttle to the top of the hill) you already know there is hike waiting for you at the bottom of your run. Give [...]

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Drift Trike Wheels

Hello world, If you are curious about the type of wheels to use on your drift trike you need to ask yourself, do you like to go fast, roll smooth, have your PVC stay on, and have PVC wear more evenly? Well we are here to inform you that the dolly wheels are advised for beginners [...]

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Buy a trike kit without going bankrupt

Best drift trike kits to get you ridingWithout braking the bankThe Creeper is a solid kit that is sure to fit all riders from beginner to expert.  This drift trike is made in the U.S.A. and comes with everything you could possibly need to get you riding.  This sleek style frame has a two inch [...]

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